Blockchain has been praised as the most disruptive technology long enough. While the financial sector has already been shaken up, the Travel & Mobility Tech scene has not yet exhausted all possibilities offered by the Blockchain technology.


Therefore, LIH and SAP.iO joined forces to kick off the first Aviation Blockchain Challenge worldwide.

We want to attract the world’s most talented Blockchain entrepreneurs by providing the perfect environment to ideate and experiment with new business models. The combination of Lufthansa’s innovation ecosystem and massive industry expertise along with access to SAP Blockchain assets and mentorship will enable you to put your idea in the spotlight of relevant decision makers and consequently boost your Blockchain business.



So, if you believe that the aviation industry was waiting for your Blockchain solution, then this challenge is for you!

Thorsten Dirks

CEO Eurowings

Board member Lufthansa Group

"Blockchain is one of the game-changing technologies of our time, which we are systematically addressing as part of our digital strategy for the Lufthansa Group. We look forward to discussing innovative solutions and initiating experiments together with our partner SAP at the Aviation Blockchain Challenge. By combining our aviation industry expertise with the Blockchain technology of a world market leader, we are creating the ideal worldwide framework for addressing Blockchain entrepreneurs with an affinity for travel and mobility"

"SAP is excited to partner with Lufthansa on this exciting startup challenge to reinvent the traveler experience, airline operations and supply chain with Blockchain. With our industry leading SAP Leonardo Blockchain platform and Lufthansa’s market leadership and expertise in Aviation, we can foster a new innovation ecosystem that can potentially transform the entire travel industry."

Deepak Krishnamurthy

Chief Strategy Officer &

Executive Vice President of SAP



Make airline operations flawless and more accurate


In this category, ideas are sought that improve airline specific operations and re-lated processes, for example by optimizing the sharing of data across company and departmental boundaries.


#employee certifications #partner contracts #chargeback handling

Traveler challenge

Make the travel experience more efficient and convenient


In this category, ideas are sought along the entire travel chain that offer clear added value for travelers – from booking and purchasing flights to loyalty pro-grams and airport identification. The overriding goal is to make the travel experi-ence more efficient and seamless.


 #p2p #marketplace #resales  #miles exchange


Make Supply Chain & Maintenance transparent and interconnected


This category is about ideas that have the potential to rethink maintenance and related aspects of the aviation supply chain – from document tracking and digiti-zation to the transparent verification of documentation.


#digital twinning #custody of goods

#verifiable records





OPEN UNTIL: 31/08/2018

Submit your idea or describe your solution and show us how you would change the aviation world using Blockchain! No matter at what stage, or where you are from, we welcome any idea offering solutions in one of our three categories.








All selected teams are granted the possibility to receive dedicated mentoring from our SAP Blockchain specialists and Lufthansa Innovation Hub experts focused on their special use case to take the idea to the next level!


It’s time to take the stage for all finalists and convince the audience at Lufthansa Innovation Forum about your idea. Pitch in front of Lufthansa Group and SAP Senior Management and persuade the influential jury that your idea has the potential to change the travel industry!


If you are not yet motivated enough, here’s the cherry on top:

  • A Global stage for your idea incl. international press coverage and media awareness
  • Potential pilot project with Lufthansa Group
  • Professional mentoring for all shortlisted teams
  • Possibility to pitch in front of senior management
  • Coverage of travel expenses (up to 2500€ per team)
  • Finalists can get access to Blockchain-as-a-Service from SAP in order to build or improve their MVP
  • Office space for up to 3 months in the Berlin ecosystem - to work on your idea together with us

We take ZERO equity!



There are hardly any restrictions, but there are a few things that matter for us:

  • Early-stage startups are welcome just like any other team, without a registered company.
  • All ideas should solve one problem of our three categories with a sharp Blockchain-based solution.
  • Just like Blockchain, good ideas are spread all over the world. Therefore, it doesn’t matter if you are based in Germany or if your company was founded in Bora Bora…
  • Even if your home base is in Bora Bora, we need the finalists to be physically present at the Lufthansa Innovation Forum in Frankfurt, Germany 23. October 2018 to pitch your idea.


Our experts unify years of airline expertise and profound Blockchain knowledge.


So you can be sure to get valuable feedback on your ideas and a first market check.

Dr. Christian Langer

Chief Digital Officer

Lufthansa Group

Artiona Bogo

Software Eng. & Biz Dev.

SAP Blockchain

Roland Schuetz

Chief Information Officer

Lufthansa Group

Alexa Gorman

Senior Vice President

SAP.iO Fund & Foundry

To be announced



Lufthansa Innovation Hub is partnering with the SAP.iO Berlin Foundry in The Aviation Blockchain Challenge to explore potential opportunities and drive adoption of Blockchain technology in the airline industry.


The main objective of the collaboration is to attract the world’s most talented blockchain entrepreneurs by providing the perfect environment to ideate and experiment with new business models. Combining Lufthansa’s innovation ecosystem and massive industry expertise along with access to SAP technologies, application programming interfaces and mentorship will enable us to jointly identify innovative use cases that have the potential to disrupt the airline industry.

We design the happy journey of tomorrow


We are neither an incubator, an accelerator, nor an R&D firm. We are responsible for pursuing the business opportunities that arise on the interface between the Lufthansa Group and the global travel tech scene. Our job is to identify and analyze such opportunities quickly, and convert them into new business for Lufthansa. Besides developing and testing business model innovations ourselves, we always look out for innovative travel tech startups, initiate strategic partnerships with Lufthansa Group and encourage strategic investments in innovative ideas from the digital travel market.

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